Friday, August 06, 2004

Does God Exist?

I was so excited the other day when visiting my friend Fred’s website, to discover a recently revised philosophical essay titled “Does God Exist?” This being the stuff I live upon, I quickly begin clicking and scrolling through the pages, feasting upon every sentence. Can it get more thrilling than reading an essay by a friend on one of the big questions of life? By the way, this isn’t sarcasm. I really do love this stuff!

Anyways, when all was said and done, I greatly enjoyed the paper, but at the same time had a number of qualms with it. So naturally, I feel it's my duty to try my best to present my thoughts on some of Fred’s specific points, as well as a concluding general critique of the overall paper. Now for the sake of anybody who dares take the time to actually read these, I'll be splitting them up over the course of the next few posts (pick and choose what you want to read). Lastly, Fred even said that he would respond to my posts, so this could prove to be fun and interesting dialogue...I hope.


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