Sunday, August 08, 2004

New most awful smell day!

Hi folks, in between what I hope to be deep discussion on the existence of God, here's a very funny short story by one of my favorite bloggers, Elliot Bougis. The topic: bug zappers in Taiwain. Prepare yourself for a load of laughter:
Now I realize the following confession may drive scads and scores of readers away, but I'm nothing if not honest (except with myself, of course).

Here in Taiwan they don't mess around with mosquitoes. They play electric tennis with them. As you probably know, we in the USA have two main ways of dispensing with mosquitoes, the creature my old friend always said were the one animal God let the Devil create. Often we just try to smack them to death with our bare hands. So savage, so artless. Alternatively, we let inert hanging bug zappers slaughter any bug stupid enough to stumble in with a small shower of crackling blue light. But the Taiwanese are much more hands on in their bug prevention. Most Taiwanese homes are equipped -- armed? -- with a plastic tennis racket with electrified wires as the net. Don't worry, there is a trigger. (And yes, I've tested it; the shock hurts like a devil.) If a mosquito begins to pester you just swipe him into the electric net and a short, sharp, popping sound with a tiny flash occurs. Mosquito magic.

[continued over at FCA...]


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