Friday, June 17, 2005

Anamorphic Illusions -- eye-poppers galore!

Despite my urgent need to catch up on schoolwork, I couldn't resist sharing this stuff with everyone. Enjoy!

"Julian Beever is a UK-based street painter. You'll only need one look at some of his work to realize he's a real master in this art form. Because the drawings are made on the ground, some of them have to be made anamorphic (distorted). You need a particular viewpoint to see the image in 3D (see anamorphosis for more examples). The art of creating an image that looks real is called trompe l'oeil."

Is this the real thing?

Arctic streat conditions with soft drink.

Push the boat out.

The illusion of the Portable Computer was drawn on The Strand, London and was commissioned by Procom.

Pre-modernist and post-modernist.

Rembrandts with Rembrandts.

Self-Portrait Of The Artist With Liquid Refreshment.

A series used by White's Electronics of Inverness in Treasure Hunting magazine.

Here we see the Swimming-Pool, drawn in Glasgow, Scotland, but viewed from the "wrong" side. These drawings only work from one viewpoint otherwise the image appears strangely distorted.

Swimming-Pool In The High Street.

To see more of Julian Beever's artwork, click here for his website.


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