Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Mela Kalikimaka!!!

Well folks, come Thursday afternoon I should be enjoying the warm weather of Hawaii with my family on vacation. We'll be staying on the islands of Oahu and Maui until the 31st. While there, amongst other things, we plan to go snorkeling, check out volcanoes, and even participate in a luau on Christmas day! By the way, in case you were wondering, the forecast for Christmas weekend there is mostly sunny to sunny, with highs in the upper 70s every day. I'll try to take plenty of good pictures for your future viewing.

On our return home though, we'll be making a 3-day detour in California to visit family in the Napa Valley region. From there we'll also be travelling south a little ways to celebrating New Year's Eve with them in San Francisco, beginning the night with a nice dinner out on the town, followed by some Cirque du Soleil entertainment, and then a trip down to the bay for a fireworks celebration to bring us into 2006. I'm especially excited for that night with all the family on the West coast, but the whole trip should be blast!

Thank you all for your conversations on this blog and elsewhere. May you have a blessed time these next couple of weeks with family and friends. I'll be back sometime soon in the new year.

And just so I don't leave anybody out this holiday season...

[Photo courtesy of the Glenn Beck Program]


At 12/21/2005 09:59:00 PM, Anonymous Don said...

have fun...


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