Monday, March 13, 2006

Facebook Demographics - BGSU

Being the budding armchair sociologist that I am, I thought I'd take advantage of the information Facebook provides to try and get a better understanding of the diverse crowd of people at my alma mater, Bowling Green State University, located in Bowling Green, OH. (That and the fact that I thought I'd rather waste an hour of my time doing this instead of studying during spring break.)

Now, I admit there is a decent percentage of error here, as some of the numbers even suggest, but I think the results are somewhat interesting nonetheless. I place it in your hands, however, to interpret just what these statistics "say" or "tell us" about BGSU students.

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH
Facebook Results as of 11 am, Monday, March 13, 2006:

Current Students signed up on Facebook:
Est. 16,353 undergrad, est. 648 grad = 17,001 total
(est. to be about 1,000 more females than males)

Alumni on Facebook: est. 2,103 total

Current Students' Political Views:

Very Liberal - 497 undergrad, 45 grad = 542 total
Liberal - est. 2,112 undergrad, 125 grad = 2,237 total
Moderate - est. 2,028 undergrad, 87 grad = 2,115 total
Conservative - est. 2,263 undergrad, 49 grad = 2,311 total
Very Conservative - 184 undergrad, 4 grad = 188 total
Apathetic - 237 undergrad, 12 grad = 249 total
Libertarian - 114 undergrad, 11 grad = 125 total
Other - 722 undergrad, 22 grad = 744 total

Est. facebook students who don't state political views: 8,490 total

Now for the Alumni:
70 Very Liberal
318 Liberal
251 Moderate
231 Conservative
29 Very Conservative
22 Apathetic
14 Libertarian
88 Other

Current Students Looking for "Random Play":
444 females, est. 926 males = 1,370 total

Alumni looking for "Random Play":
53 females, 88 males = 141 total

Alumni: 81 total (49 females, 32 males)
Grad: 11 total (4 females, 7 males)
Undergrad: 259 total (193 females, 66 males)

Alumni: 122 total (65 females, 47 males)
Grad: 30 total (14 females, 16 males)
Undergrad: 588 total (441 females, 147 males)

That's all I have time to look up, and in many ways, all I really can look up; it's hard to get good results in other categories (for example, trying to type in words for things people are "interested in" doesn't seem to produce even semi-accurate searches). Feel free though to add any of your own Facebook demographics, as well as interpretations of the above, in the comment box.


At 3/14/2006 09:14:00 AM, Anonymous Eric Mohr said...

Chris--Fantastic use of time over Spring Break!! My applause, and very interesting. I'll leave it up to the other BG students to draw conclusions. Also, I'm impressed by the Hildebrand quote you have up; I've never read that before. I've placed it amongst my other facebook quotes.


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